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On-site Sales Automotive Dealership Mystery Shop

This product contains two options. Please read the descriptions and make your selection in the drop-down menu below.

Six Standard On-site Sales Shops
On-site sales mystery shops provide deep insights into how the sales process is being executed by sales staff. Standard sales mystery shops are measured against J.D. Power’s KPIs and best practices for mass-market automobile sales and include evaluation of:

  • Customer greeting
  • Customer needs assessment
  • Product demonstration and test drive
  • Collecting customer information
  • Sales manager introduction
  • Follow-up activity within 72 hours
  • Comprehensive shopper narrative

Six Premium Model or Competitor On-site Sales Shops
Premium models and brands demand a premium mystery shop experience, including specially qualified shoppers and tailored evaluations. In addition to the KPIs and best practices above, premium model mystery shops include:

  • Selectively qualified and trained shoppers
  • Targeted questions aimed at evaluating premium aspects of the sales experience


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