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Customer Impact Report: Key Account Management

Key and managed account holders are a utility's most-valued customers. Although they comprise only 5% - 15% of a utility's customer base, they may account for approximately 66% of the overall revenue.  The revenue significance these customers represent makes it imperative for utilities to maintain a consistent line of communication and provide the highest level of service to these customers. The Key Account Management Special Report provides an in-depth examination of business gas and electric utility customer experiences, overall satisfaction and the factors driving it, and utility performance in meeting their needs.  The report also identifies best practices via case studies of the highest-performing utilities in areas influencing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Download the executive summary to learn key takeaways from the report.

The full report includes the following:
  • Number of pages: 33
  • Number of charts/graphs: 18
  • Best practices—case studies from: NorthWestern Energy and San Diego Gas & Electric

Tax included


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