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Customer Impact Report: Utility First-Contact Resolution Performance

First-contact resolution has a significant impact on customers’ overall experience with their utility.  Both the reason for contact and the channel used impact resolution rates.  The objective of the Utility First-Contact Resolution Performance Special Report is to provide utilities with a better understanding how first-contact resolution impacts the overall customer experience; how it is measured and may be improved; and what aspects of utility customer service initiatives may make the biggest difference in handling customers’ inquiries and needs not only in a timely manner, but also on the first contact.

Download the executive summary to learn key takeaways from the report.

The full report includes the following:
  • Number of pages:  27
  • Number of charts/graphs:  18
  • Best practices—case studies from:  Alabama Power Company, Clark Public Utilities, Omaha Public Power District, and Puget Sound Energy

Tax included


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