J.D. Power

Customer Impact Report: Corporate Citizenship and Community Involvement

Corporate citizenship—the idea of serving and giving back to one’s community—is important because of the services utilities provide and the number of local residents they employ are vital to the local economy. When customers see their utility’s employees volunteering in the local community, their perceptions of the utility improve.  The Corporate Citizenship and Community Involvement Special Report focuses on employee volunteerism, community support, and philanthropic aspects of Corporate Citizenship. The report explores how corporate citizenship and related communications initiatives impact overall customer satisfaction and examines the best practices of some of the highest performing utilities in the Corporate Citizenship Index—what it is they do to give back to their communities and how they promote those initiatives.

Download the executive summary to learn key takeaways from the report.

The full report includes the following:
  • Number of pages: 30
  • Number of charts/graphs: 13
  • Best practices—case studies from: Clark Public Utilities, NW Natural

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