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2015 Interpreting Chinese Automotive Consumers White Paper

2015年J.D. Power中国汽车市场洞察白皮书

Change has become the norm in China today. Coupled with the shift in consumer demographics, Internet Plus (or Internet +) and the upsurge in big data will likely dramatically change the landscape of vehicle sales in China—especially regarding shoppers’ choices of vehicles and preferences for the way they purchase them. Although the full effects of Internet + are not yet in full swing, there are signs of its influence emerging throughout the automotive industry. So much so that Internet + is now a reality that OEMs and automotive suppliers should be seriously planning for and adapting to.

Since its entry into China in 2000, J.D. Power has listened to the Voice of the Customer in that country, studying the attitudes and behaviors of vehicle shoppers, buyers, and owners to better understand their expectations and preferences. With the insights gained from its market research and consumer data, J.D. Power can provide automakers and suppliers with valuable and actionable information that industry stakeholders can use to analyze changes in the marketplace.

This white paper focuses on a number of trending issues in the industry and analyzes their impact on the various aspects of China’s automotive sector, such as marketing, product research, big data applications, target consumer groups, and derivative value chain, among others. The insights and observations offered here in aim to energize a collaborative exploration of the key issues driving the performance of China’s automotive marketplace and provide the impetus for the development of a sustainable—and profitable—industry.

Format: PDF
Pages: 70
Charts/graphs: Nearly 100
Language: Chinese

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