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2014 U.S. IQS Data Cut - Manual Transmission - Difficult To Get In Gear/Gears Grind

After experiencing such a strong client response to the 2014 Initial Quality Study (IQS) data specific to Engine/Transmission components, J.D. Power has made available exclusive Engine/Transmission data files that analyze a specific engine or transmission-related problem impacting today's drivers demand.

The Initial Quality Study (IQS) provides manufacturers and suppliers with in-depth diagnostic information on new-vehicle quality at 90 days of ownership. The study uses problems per 100 vehicles (PP100), often referred to as _things gone wrong,î as a unit of measurement of owner-reported problems. The data includes quality comparisons by make and model, among other variables. Additionally, some problems may also include additional associated diagnostics to aid in further detecting the root cause of the main problem listed.

Available for purchase is a downloadable Excel file containing data related to the "Manual Transmission - Difficult To Get In Gear/Gears Grind" quality problem. Rather than purchase an entire study which may not be relevant to your business, data cuts allow the opportunity to buy data for a quality problem that is most relevant to you.

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