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2014 Interpreting Chinese Automotive Consumers White Paper

Change has become the norm in China today. The country’s sweeping changes over such a short period of time are unparalleled among developed Western nations. The consequent economic transformation has provided enormous and enticing opportunities for both foreign and domestic investors, placing China in a unique position in the world’s economy. 

Since its entry into China in 2000, J.D. Power has listened to the Voice of the Customer in that country, studying the attitudes and behaviors of vehicle shoppers, buyers, and owners to better understand their expectations and preferences. With the insights gained from its market research, J.D. Power has been able to provide clients in the country’s automotive industry with actionable services and products to help them develop sound industry practices that are based on what their customers want.

As of 2014, J.D. Power had launched 12 syndicated surveys, encompassing all aspects of an automotive consumer’s experiences. In addition to vehicle rankings and indices, these studies also provide customer insights, which, in turn, provide meaningful information for automakers in China’s rapidly changing marketplace.

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